My relationship with Resident Evil – by P.J Quinn

PJ Quinn is an awesome individual… who just so happens, not by choice on his part, to be my cousin. PJ and I share many similar tastes but none so strong as mutual love and passion for the Resident Evil video game franchise. On Facebook I noticed an amazing little post by PJ which summed up my feelings (more or less) on the first four titles in the series. I asked for permission to repost here and Mr. Quinn was more than kind enough to oblige. The first ever “Dev in the Red Hat” guest post is below:

Resident evil

“My relationship with the Resident Evil games has always been a pretty good one. We first met back in ’98, even though she’d been around a while longer, it was love at first sight. Sure she wasn’t the best looking and our conversations were cheesey, filled with talk of Jill sandwiches, masters of unlocking and all the weak people existing to be eaten, but, we whiled away the days in each others company; loving every moment of it. After some time she decided we needed a bigger place… something new.”

Resident evil 2

“The build up to the move was awesome… She kept teasing me with pictures and videos of the new place and telling me how good it was going to be. I couldn’t wait. Then the big day finally arrived and at first I was blown away but quickly began to realize, it just wasn’t the same. It didn’t have the wow factor of what we had before. Everyone tried to tell me it was better than it was but it just wasn’t as good for me. I did my best to fake it; pretend I was having a good time but I think she knew. I thought it was over that we were done but she insisted that she had more to offer. She showed me new pics and videos of what she had in mind to keep things fresh. I just smiled and said “sure, it’ll be awesome”‘

Resident Evil 3

“So the day arrived it was good and I was scared. Things seemed bigger, more frightening and everything had a sense of urgency about it but it wasn’t all roses. Things she used to do for me I now had to do myself and it was confusing and I didn’t know what to do… There was also this creepy guy following me around. He was huge, all dressed in black leather. He seemed to think I was a lost Japanese school girl because he kept trying to sodomize me with a tentacle. All during this time, she was into this big S&M thing with whips and chains and I forgot the safety word. Scary, scary times.

Soon she started to tell me about her new plans, about the Dreamcast. I thought it was understood that we were strictly Playstation, that that was our thing. She reassured me that things were going to be good over there and it would breathe a whole new lease of life into things. It would give our whole relationship more processing power, she would say and it will just be “better” and “shinier”. I believed her.”

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

She was dead to me…

P.J Quinn aka Cyclone1951

PJ has promised that there’s more to come, so if he’s cool with it I’d love to continue sharing them here on “The Dev in the Red Hat”.

He’s also doing a brilliant Lets Play of Sniper Elite 2 at present. Thanks again to PJ for allowing me the privilege of sharing this fantastic little bit.


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