My Relationship with Resident Evil Part 2 – By PJ Quinn

Continued from previous article:

The Break-up

It was over. I knew it and she knew it. She wanted to try and work things out but I just couldn’t get over Code Veronica; I was hurt… and betrayed. I wanted out and finally she let me go. I told her I’d remember the good times, that she’d always be special and we’d stay friends… but we both knew it wouldn’t happen. I moved on and started having new experiences.

A couple of years went by without a word, then one day my cousin came to me all excited and asked if I’d seen her lately. I told him I hadn’t so he showed me some pics. She’d had a complete make-over and she looked real good. I knew I had to see her.


When we met again i did so with some friends, I didn’t want to be alone incase there were any awkward feelings. She looked amazing… I was hooked again. Later I got her alone and like any man who knows he’s make a mistake, I dropped to my knees tears flowing, tugging at her dress begging her to take me back. She agreed but I’m not sure if it was out of love… or to stop me slobbering on her shoe.

Everything was going great. I had my love back and it was just like when we first met; only a million times more awesome. There was just so much more depth to everything. I had never been happier. Soon enough she started talking about her past, where she had come from… how it all started for her.


She continued on in pretty much the same way as previously but insisted on getting rid of all her storage boxes. We argued over this but she wouldn’t budge and she dumped them all. Everything was going so well I didn’t really care all that much… I was just happy with how everything was turning out. but once again she had something to show me, she was getting another make over and at first I was horrified. I said that didn’t even look like her, that this would ruin everything. Her mind was made up though and I just had to deal with it.

Resident Evil 4

She disappeared for a few days then came back looking unbelievable! She had completly reinvented herself. She did up her hair ,wore make-up, dressed in a tank top, short skirt and thigh high boots. My mind was blown. I took her everywhere, leading her by the  arm, showin her to all my friends; shoving her into the faces of everyone I came across exclaiming “Have you met Resi!?!”  Lots of people took an interest in her new over the shoulder look and in time copied it. That was my baby… a trend setter. Time went by blissfully till eventually she started touting some new pics of where she wanted things to go. They looked o.k but i was to happy in the present to think about the future… Then it was upon me.

Resident evil 5

Once again she fooled me into thinking something was going to be great. I tried to like what she was doing but she’d had to much work done; the facelift, the boob job. the botox and tummy tuck. She said she did it because we were on a new system and she had to look her best for me because of all the others who were now trying to get my attention but in doing so she became too shiny. She lost all her atmosphere and gothic darkness that I liked so much and she started wearing so little, she just couldn’t carry as much as before. The whole situation makes me wonder if its even her any more… maybe it’s me, maybe I’m just to hard to please… I think she took her shoes off too though, cause she definitely seemed a lot shorter too.

Resi’s been showing me pics and videos again… looks like we’re going to a new city. She’s promising me the world again, but I’m staying cautious about how things will turn out between us…                              


Except for the odd rough patch, me and Resident Evil have been in each others lives now for 14 years. When its been good its been really good and when it was bad it was Code Veronica. I’m a simple guy with simple needs. I don’t need big explosions and fancy looks. I just need her. I love how Resi looks now and all but I miss when her backgrounds were pre-rendered and her camera was fixed, when she needed to store all her stuff in a box. It’s the little things you fall in love with, you know.

I often sit around daydreaming about Resi — the way she used to be. I  think of spending the day walking around the Arklay forest before heading to the city, strolling the streets hand in hand, till late evening… smiling and waving at all the people we’ve met. There’s Chris and Jill browsing the herbal plant store. Next door Barry closes up the gun shop. Carlos Riviera is out walking his dog. Albert’s sweeping outside the pharmacy, while inside William packs up some first aid sprays for Billy Coen. Claire is carrying a sleeping Sherry home from the park after an exhausting day in the hot sun. We see the good samaritin Rebecca asking a coughing man in a lab coat if he needs any help and we laugh as he just responds “Itchy, Tasty”. We decide to head home and as we get into a cab we see a grumpy looking Leon zoom by in his patrol car; an attractive woman in a red dress sits in back. She smiles at us as they pass.

Soon we are back at the mansion in the Arklay mountains… laying together on the roof, sipping drinks as we stare at the S.T.A.R.S — thankful that we found each other.

fin – Pj Quinn


Thanks to PJ Quinn again for allowing me to post his article’s on here and hopefully we’ll have more guest posts from him in the future.

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