Updates from an IrishGameDev in Malta

Hey y’all,

It’s been far too long since I posted anything up in this joint. Since I last spent some time writing on this page I’ve moved to Malta and started working for a financial institution managing insurance claims. Not exactly exciting work, but it puts the food on the table. The move to Malta has been exciting in other ways. For those not in the know Malta is a stunningly beautiful tiny island slap bang in the middle of the Mediterranean – right below Italy and just above Africa.


As a lot of my free time has been eaten up by work I have not had much time to work on any of my solo projects. In the last few weeks, that has changed. I’ve actually built a little demo in RPG maker of a short art-game I’m building called “I am You”. The game tells the story of a characters life through non linear events and includes branching paths. There is no combat – it’s really more of a story based, cerebral game. To be honest it’s basically the test bed for the engine I will be building Introvert/Nullify in.

Introvert has changed a lot since I first came up with the concept back in April 2012. The core ideals are still the same – it’s still a story of loneliness and finding oneself. However, the game has changed from 3 character arcs to one more focused and defined storyline. The story takes beats from Silent Hill 2, Twin Peaks, Lone Survivor and Jacobs Ladder. There might even be a little Schindlers List thrown in – in terms of the setting and all…


Anyway, it’s quite an ambitious project and any help would be appreciated. So if you are an artist or a programmer who digs the sounds of it and would be interested in getting involved, please shoot me an email 🙂 paddybass@gmail.com

I’ve also been working on another little project which is tentatively being called “Once upon a time in the hood”. The game pays homage to 16bit JRPG’s like Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest – except it tells a more modern story of a ghetto hoodlum rising his way from the streets up to billion dollar empire mogul. The idea of the game is to show that the JRPG style can be used to convey non-fantasy/sci-fi storylines. I’ve barely started this project, but I will be dipping in and out of it over the coming months.


I’ve missed game development this past year. It’s something that I truly loved being involved in and not doing it regularly anymore is killing me a little each day. I will be pushing to open a new studio here in Malta as I believe there is a lot of potential for the country both at a skill set level and as a financially viable climate to establish a development studio. Once again, if you’re interested in getting involved, just let me know.

That’s all I really have to say as of now. I will try to keep y’all updated as I continue these developments and also as I push to start a new studio here in Malta and continue my game development journey.

About Paddy Badger

Former games developer at Open Emotion Studios/Time Machine Games. Film-Maker. Over a dozen shorts as writer/director including Cuppa, Retribution and An Beanshi. Director of indie cult success, The Three Don'ts - winner of over a dozen awards worldwide.

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