Introvert/Nullify (working title)

JRPG/Adventure style game, with strong horror elements. It will focus on internal loneliness and the struggle by one to be accepted by their peers. The game stars three unique characters who live in different periods of history from the 1940’s to the present.

The game will see these characters battle their own nightmarish creations to try and overcome their introverted nature – But is this really helping or are the characters only destroying a part of themselves…

The first chapter of I/N will take place in Nazi ruled Germany and will see a simple salesman named Hubert who is battling his feelings on the Nazi party and finds himself suffering gruesome nightmares. Are these nightmares his way of overcoming his demons, or is he literally killing part of himself?

Visual style will be retro pixel art and the soundtrack will be predominantly ambient sound with some chip-tune … Possibly… TBD

More to come on this soon…

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