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Can Chiptune be scary?

Last night I found myself getting completely lost in the amazingly compelling, Lone Survivor by Jasper Byrne. If you consider yourself a fan of Horror games, I would strongly recommend you pick it up and play the shit out of it. I started playing Lone Survivor to try and gain some inspiration for my up and coming title, “Introvert/Nullify” which is, much like Lone Survivor a pixel art, horror game. One thing that struck me early on about LS, was how the sound made it genuinely terrifying… I mean, the visuals are great and everything but anytime I found myself freaking out, it was usually related to some disturbing crackling noise, or creepy wailing sirens coming through my headphones.


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Irish Humble Indie Bundle

So, I’m not sure if y’all have heard but recently in a seedy pub, somewhere in Dublin, my awesome #IrishGameDev friends were discussing the possibility of an Irish Humble Indie Bundle. To say I was excited about that prospect is a gigantic understatement. I already have a short-game idea in mind that is equal parts JRPG and Contemporary Horror. Think Dragon Quest meets Coldheart Canyon. I have definitely been influenced by this title…

It speaks volumes to me about the Irish Game Dev scene that we have reached the level, that things like this are possible.

Really excited to see what other Irish developers come up with for this – And if you want to collab on my project, let me know 🙂

For more info on the Irish Indie Bundle check out this thread over on

Dev in the Red Hat, Out!

The font is more powerful than the word?

Hi Guys,

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Heres to #IrishGameDev 🙂

Paddy Murphy